[Honolulu] Paiko - Cutest plant shop ever! DIY Potting and Terrarium Bar

Paiko is the cutest plant shop! I wish I lived in the area so I could have purchased some plants (you're not allowed to bring plants to the contiguous USA from Hawaii).

Paiko is in the same shopping center (SALT) as Moku Kitchen and Highway Inn, so we made a quick stop to just browse and wish we had the ability to have these cool plants in our houses back in the mainland.

If you are visiting friends or family who have houses in Hawaii, these would be cute gifts for them.

Even if you can't bring back the live plants, you can decorate your hotel or condo for the time you're there to just bring a little happiness into your day when you're in the room.

There are also so many super duper cute pots and other plant accessories that you CAN ship back home (or pack).

The owner is super friendly and informed us that we could definitely ship most of the items home. There's a pretty good mix of natural products and great house decor gifts.
Since we definitely couldn't bring these beautiful flowers home, I got the okay to take a quick photo for my memories.

One of the cutest part of the shop is this DIY terrarium bar! I so wish I could have made this and shipped it home. If you know of a place in mainland USA that offers this, please let me know! (I'm sure there's a place in Brooklyn...it seems like a Brooklyn-type store, so I will check out Google after this).
Look at some of these cuties you can add to your terrarium!

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