[Honolulu] Honolulu Coffee Experience Center

A quick walk from the Waikiki hotel area is the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center.

While i was in Hawaii, I really wanted to check out the coffee scene, but quickly realized it would have to be next trip since there's only one coffee farm on Oahu (and it's owned by Dole).

So, we had to do the next best thing and just checked out some of the cafes in Honolulu.

The menu is pretty extensive and includes breakfast, lunch, and other food options.

Make sure you check out the special menu with the rotating coffees, teas, and other specialty drinks.

We ended up ordering Guava bread, which sounded delicious, and was also basically sold out for the day (we got the last slice), so we jumped on the opportunity.

My dad ordered the iced tea and I ordered the honey coconut cold brew. His iced tea was good and refreshing and not too sweet.

My Honey Coconut Cold Brew was a seasonal drink, so I'm not sure if it's still available right now. If it is, you should check it out if you're on the cold brew train, too. I don't go to cafes very often these days, so maybe coconut milk is available often now everywhere, but I was excited to see this other alternative milk available for those of us who are not blessed with the ability to digest lactose.

The Honey Coconut Cold Brew was such a great treat. I'm kind of happy that it's not available everywhere because it would be so tempting to pass by every day knowing it was available for me to consume. You could definitely taste the honey and the coconut milk, which was great, too. I was totally expecting the

Written by my mom:

This was my first pour over; you have to try everything for the first time sometime, but they sold me on "our highest grade of Kona Coffee."

The deep, rich coffee flavor, meant for purposeful sipping, was the very treat I wanted that morning in Honolulu, and so worth the wait.

I drank it black, as one does when trying to taste "delicate notes," and enjoyed every sip, from the hot first sip to the cooler yet rich last sip.

Like beer from a bottle, I poured just a small portion of coffee at a time from the pot to the cup. You get more at the temperature you like that way. Pour overs will remain a treat for me, but what a way to start! Sure, I didn't know what I was getting into, but I often dive into new things without knowing what to expect. Yum.

There's a history of coffee cultivation in Hawaii and also an educational exhibit about how coffee grows.

They roast beans in house. It was an enjoyable viewing experience to take in while sipping the locally grown coffee.
There are quite a few tables available with seating for about 60-70 (the space is a lot larger). It's a very open room, so I think it could potentially get pretty loud. That being said, we were probably one of the only tables with tourists at it (there was also a table with Korean tourists) and most tables were full of laptop warriors typing away by themselves, so it was quite quiet (minus the sound of the beans being poured in and roasting).

There is also a huge gift shop with a ton of fun gifts and delicious coffees.

If this had been an afternoon stop on the way back to the hotel, I would have bought several bags of coffee, and maybe some socks, but carrying it along on our day's adventures wasn't an option. I made a mental note to come back later to pick up some cute gifts if time allowed.

These tumblers are so cute!!! I didn't test them myself, but I think they are the ones that are insulated and keep your hot drinks hot (piping hot) for hours and your cold drinks cold for hours. I love the colors and the vibe.

You can see the price list here for the coffees. If you don't have a coffee grinder at home they can grind your beans for you while you wait.

Seriously, these socks are so cute! I am not sure if they are only available at the Honolulu Coffee Experience Center, but it was the only place I saw them during my trip.

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