[Eat at Home] Chocolate Chunk Bourbon Blondies Feat. Four Roses Bourbon (Gifted)

I was so excited when Four Roses Bourbon approached me and asked me if I'd be interested in baking with bourbon this holiday season.

Thank you to Four Roses Bourbon for providing me a bottle of the bourbon for free to try for this post.

If you're baking this weekend and making homebaked goodies for friend and family, check out the recipe below, you won't be disappointed.

If baked, the alcohol should bake off. So, if you can add some small drams of Four Roses Bourbon to the box to give the recipient the option of adding additional bourbon to the blondie.

We followed the recipe as it was above, but next time, it may be fun to add some pretzels or some dried fruit to the bars (like maybe Craisins, they're on my mind from yesterday's post), maybe to the top to be super cute. Oooooh, imagine if you had some seasonal pretzels or candies. I obviously am leaning towards adding something salty to the recipe to really bring out the other flavors, but that may just be me.

We tasted the Bourbon Blondies with added bourbon and without. It is all up to your own flavor preferences. Without adding extra bourbon, there is not really much of a bourbon flavor in it, but it may have added a slight sweet caramel flavor and maybe a hint of smokey flavor.

Some of us were more of a fan of adding some extra bourbon to the blondies (myself included). You can always add the amount of bourbon to taste if that's your jam.

Thank you again to Four Roses Bourbon for sending me some bourbon for free for me to try and give the recipe a try.

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