[Philadelphia] Jim's Steaks

Philadelphia is known the world over for Philly cheese steaks, so I had to try some out on my visit to Jim's Steak

I asked some locals and was directed to try Jim's Steaks over some of the more tourist-famous options.

Even though it wasn't the most famous cheese steak spot for tourists, the queue was pretty darn long when I arrived.

We waited around 40 minutes or so before we finally got close enough to watch them make the sandwiches through the window from the outdoors (seriously, such a tease).

Once you get in the restaurant itself, you still have some waiting to do. There are plenty of articles, awards, and celebrity signatures to look at.

Also fair warning, tip to you if you plan on photographing. Definitely don't accidentally panic and tell them that you are planning on doing takeout. They wrap it and it looks SO UNPHOTOGENIC after that. Sorry in advance. Scroll down now.

So, I guess I went in not really understanding the hype of the Philly cheese steak. And...I still kind of don't understand the hype of the Philly cheese steak. Please don't kill me, but remember that I don't really like cheese...or bread that much, definitely not white bread.

This was fine with my expectations, since they were pretty low because as I wrote earlier - not a huge fan of white bread and cheese. I can see why some people do like it though! 

I ordered it with everything and "whiz" as I was recommended to order the sandwich by locals.

I tried to take a slightly more photogenic shot of the cheese steak. It looks slightly better.

Or, please just tell me it looks slightly better.

I like how everything was cooked in an open kitchen to-order so you can see them making your food before your eyes.

They're very strict about this, actually. Don't go upstairs because you will be told to leave. There are plenty of seats upstairs, probably because the food is so quick and easy to eat.

Also, if you made it this far...I am planning on posting one post per day in December, so I just wanted to make sure you're ready for that and have a timer set and everything. 😉

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