[NYC - Midtown] Vivi Bubble Tea - Passionfruit Slush! Food also available!

Continuing this week with a second Vivi Bubble Tea post.

The location on 9th Ave and 42nd is probably one of the better Vivi locations in the city.

The Midtown location offers food including Taiwanese sausages, fried chicken, sushi, and fried chicken (among other items).

The other thing I like about this location is that it seems like they kind of care about the quality of the drinks. 

The Passion Fruit Slush and the Lychee Slush are both pretty good here. There are actual passion fruit seeds in the slush, too (when I've gone to other Vivi locations throughout the city, there's not always seeds, so I think this place may actually use real fruit and not just syrup).

I definitely recommend the passion fruit slush, but I definitely love passion fruit more than the next guy.

When you order, make sure you tell them your desired sugar level. I typically go for no sugar, especially if I am getting jelly or another topping added.

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