[NYC - Manhattan Valley] Xian Famous Foods

Xian Famous Foods in Morningside Heights is a great spot to grab some cheap eats.

This is a classic NYC fast food restaurant. This location is slightly less busy than some of the other locations, which is great by me.

Everything is very fairly priced and so flavorful!

This is the tingly beef and the stewed oxtail noodles. They are both hand ripped noodles, which is great.

The meat is so tender and seasoned so well. It is such a comforting pile of noodles and I would definitely recommend checking it out now that we're heading into the winter months. My favorite was definitely the tingly beef noodles because I love the peppercorn spice and the literal tingles I get from eating it.

Just a note for you, this is a pretty messy meal, so make sure you grab enough napkins and maybe don't wear a white shirt. There are only seats for about 10 people, maybe...so, if you plan to eat in during peak hours, you may also want to think of a plan b for seating.

The portions are very generous. I was quite surprised the first time I visited given the fact that these are all made to order, it's NYC, and the prices are less than $10 per menu item.

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