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[NYC - Chinatown] Vivi Bubble Tea - Color Changing Blue Galaxy Special Tea

Have you seen Vivi's color changing Blue Galaxy bubble tea yet?

I got this beautiful drink at the Vivi's location in Chinatown, but it is available at various locations throughout the city.

The Galaxy Tea is caffeine free and is made with a combination of lime juice and butterfly pea tea.

Butterfly pea tea is naturally that deep blue color, which comes from the leaves of the plant. Then, when an acid, like the lime juice, comes into contact with it, it turns purple.

When you first get it, it's blue at the top and then a citrus color at the bottom (with some added jellies).

Then, as the blue portion begins to settle and diffuse throughout the drink, the color begins changing and there's a purple layer.

After you mix the drink fully by either patience or shaking it (recommended), your drink will be this beautiful shade of purple thanks to food science.

The flavor is sweet, but slightly citrus-y thanks to the lime juice. I do recommend adding something like a jelly or bubbles to it for a little texture since the Blue Galaxy tea is only available in large size ($4.75).

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