[NYC - Broadway] Waitress - Pie and Waitress-themed Cocktails

For some, the star of the Broadway musical, Waitress, may be the pie.

I'm trying out a new series on the blog - where I highlight any fun snack or cocktail options at Broadway shows. Is this a good idea? Who knows.

Luckily for you, Waitress has thought of everything. You can buy a little jar of pie at the concessions.

This is the apple pie. The tiny Mason jar comes with a small wooden Popsicle stick spoon/shovel. They are semi-warm when they are served to you.

The jar is quite small and it's $12, but you buy it for the experience. The pie is pretty tasty, but I kind of wish they would have had more custom jars rather than just a jar with the sticker on it, especially given the price tag of the treat.

We also got a cocktail. I do appreciate that they did do a little creativity in naming the cocktails. I got the "I Wanna Play Doctor." It was fine. It's on par with other cocktails I've bought at other shows.

I wish they would have done something similar with the pie jar in terms of branding.

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