[NYC - Broadway] Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Part Two (Merchandise and Snack Bar Prices)

Today's post is the third and final post in the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway series.

See Tuesday's post for information about winning the Friday Forty Lottery and Wednesday's post about Part One of the show.

I won't post any spoilers or any content about the show itself, just wanted to give some previews for people who are attending to see what's available for merchandise and at the snack bar so you can budget time, money, and brain space.
As I alluded to yesterday, the merchandise switches over between the parts.

During Part Two you can now buy merchandise with the dark mark on it.

Some of the same merchandise is available during both parts - like the owls, wands, scripts, etc.

Another view from our seats. They changed out the banner and replaced it with a banner with the dark mark.
Unlike at some other shows, there are no themed drinks or snacks, which is a major bummer. They could have had so much fun with that.

The only themed product at the snack bar is the chocolate frogs,
I ended up going with the Frose. The souvenir cup is nice. There are two prints - one on each side.

The Showbill for Part Two is different. There's a dark mark on the front.

Definitely look at each floor of the theatre. There are so many nice details everywhere. This is from the top floor.

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