[Oahu - Waikiki] Heavenly Island Lifestyle - Japanese Style Cafe

We came across Heavenly (Island Lifestyle) Cafe in Waikiki while we were looking for a chill spot to have dinner on Open Table.

We made a reservation on Open Table, but, honestly, there wasn't a need to reserve a table, but you can always make a reservation to just be safe.

When we arrived at about 7:30PM and there were about 10 others in the restaurant at that time, so there were plenty of tables available on the inside of the restaurant and maybe 2-3 open tables on the veranda.

The decor style is very Japanese. Like that hard to explain rustic, eclectic, and "natural" Japanese style. Even the font of the menu/logo reminded me of Japan.

The food presentation was great. Everything looks just like the model version of the food itself. Sorry my photos stink.

This is the Tomato and Avocado Eggs Benedict. The ingredients were super fresh and everything was prepared to order.

We've never seen this Eggs Benedict variety before. It also seemed like it would be a fresh, healthy option for dinner.

For breakfast lovers, this is a perfect spot for you in Waikiki. Heavenly serves breakfast all day (so does Denny's, which is a block or two away, but try something new and semi local on vacation).

I went with the Miso Cod. This is one of my favorite foods in general, so I decided to go for it for dinner. I wanted something light, but flavorful. The presentation was beautiful. The fish was cooked perfectly and I liked the variety of vegetables that were on the plate. The miso sauce, however, was super salty and I love salty food, but this was a lot even for me.

The interior decor is very Japanese-y. I hope you know now what I mean when I say that.

Menu pictures are below:

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