[Seoul - Sillim] Samdongee 삼동이 - Samgyupsal rice bowls perfect for student budgets

Samdongee (삼동이) is a great place to grab lunch or dinner if you're living at SNU in the international student dorms.

The price is very friendly for a student budget and the food is really delicious. The service is really fast and friendly and the bowls are made to order.

Since Samdongi is popular among students (including male ones), there are multiple sizes of bowls. I typically go for the small size. I have gotten the "large" size once and it was quite a bit of food, so I would recommend only going for that size if you're super hungry.

The rice bowl comes with some egg drop soup as a side and then some egg yolk for you to put in the rice bowl. As an American, I was kind of shocked the first time I was served raw egg in Korea, but it's generally safe to consume. If you don't feel comfortable, definitely don't feel like you have to eat it! I actually don't like eggs, so I sometimes skipped the egg altogether.

I typically get the Original Samdongi. It's samgyupsal with doenjjang and sesame oil. It's 7,000 KRW.

There are plenty of other offerings if you're not into rice bowls. The steak prices are also quite good and a pretty good price, too, considering that it's beef in Korea. The set plates are also a pretty good value and may be a good choice to change up your order a bit.

Overall, I would definitely recommend adding this to your Daehakdong rotation of restaurants if you're getting a little tired of the dormitory food.

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