[Osaka] Steak Kappo Ada Chi ステーキ割烹あだち - Pickle Buffet and Steak

My friend was so excited to take me to a "pickle buffet" when I visited her in Osaka.

She was so excited. How could I say no even as a non-pickle lover?

The restaurant is a very small, but extremely popular hole in the wall restaurant. We were there right as it opened, so we were obviously very eager, but we didn't have to wait. By the time we finished there was a pretty long line (it was lunchtime).

Since I don't know how to read Japanese, I will just link you to the map location here (ステーキ割烹あだち): https://goo.gl/maps/ng64Bqzge1JhUfVG9
Since she and I are basically middle-aged businessmen, this obviously was the best choice for a weekday lunch. She wanted me to go with her because, my guess is, it would be weird to go to this restaurant alone as a woman.

Let me start by saying. I am not a fan of pickled anything. I can sometimes handle sweet pickles, but salty pickled items are not my #1 choice..or even my #10 choice.

That being said, this was pretty fun. If you want to try a fun Japanese food experience, this is a restaurant not to miss.

Kyoto is pretty famous for pickles and I remember the one time this same friend took me to Kyoto and wanted to show me the pickle stores since they were so famous and give out samples. I vetoed that excursion and now realize she must really like pickles.

There are about 20 different types of pickles you can try. Honestly, I didn't realize there were so many different pickled foods in Japan.

There were some of the obvious ones - cabbage, ginger, daikon radishes, and ume (plums).

Here are some of the other pickles.

Seriously, you can eat whatever and how much you want.

So, in order to partake in the pickle buffet, you need to order the real meal which is steak. The steak is very tender and juicy. There are 3 sizes to choose from - 70 g, 100 g, and 150 g. Each steak meal comes with miso soup, a bowl of rice (free refills), and pickles (free refills).

The value is great, it's less than 1000 JPY for the meal, less than 10 USD.

It really is a businessmen restaurant. As we were eating our meal, the restaurant filled up with all businessmen. There were about 10 seats around the bar.

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