[NYC - Cobble Hill] The Chocolate Room x President Cheese - Bon Bon Collaboration

The Chocolate Room x President Cheese collaboration is now available through the end of October!

Scroll down to see the beautiful gift box with one of each of the flavors.

The Chocolate Room is well known for its bon bons and I can definitely see why. The Chocolate Room's location at 269 Court Street was the obvious choice for this collaboration. The cafe was is so cute and cozy.

This collaboration is the creation of Pastry Chef Romina Peixoto, who previously worked at Eleven Madison Park, Fishtail by David Burke, and became the first female Executive Pastry Chef at Le Cirque. These unique flavors were painstakingly created through an intense process of taste testing and tweaking the flavors multiple times.

From left to right: Coconut Comté Crunch, Blue Cheese Galaxy, Strawberry Brie Cheesecake, and Apricot Goat Cheese Cobbler

Coconut Comté Crunch: White chocolate with a Président Comté  ganache and toasted coconut crunch.
The Coconut comté crunch was a solid choice. There were coconut shavings in the bon bon. To most of us, the coconut flavor was dominant, but my colleague said that she could taste mainly the cheese flavor. The comté flavor was nice and subtle, so this would be a great choice to ease a chocolate lover into exploring a chocolate + cheese bon bon. It was semi-sweet to us.

Blue Cheese Galaxy: Dark chocolate with a Président blue cheese ganache, pear compote, and walnut praline
Paired with: Founders Brewing Co. Chocolate Porter
I went into the tasting knowing this was going to be my favorite flavor, so I saved it to last with much anticipation. I was not disappointed. The slight bitterness of the dark chocolate combined with the rich and slightly nutty flavor of the blue cheese somehow balanced each other even though both are quite strong flavors on their own. The slightly salty blue cheese flavor accented the dark chocolate and brought out the chocolate flavor even more. The texture was creamy and soft and so satisfying.

Strawberry Brie Cheesecake: White chocolate with a Président triple creme brie ganache, strawberry jam, and graham cracker crust
Paired with: Black magic
Right away, you're met with a very strong strawberry punch and then the creamy brie flavor creeps in. The creamy brie flavor melded well with the strawberry jam flavor. It really tasted like a strawberry cheesecake. This would be the favorite of the masses. It has a basic mass appeal flavor. This was also the prettiest bon bon!
The pairing with the Black Magic was not our favorite of the night. The blackberry flavor at the end paired well with the strawberry.

Apricot Goat Cheese Cobbler: Milk chocolate with a Président goat cheese ganache, apricot compote, and almond crumble
Paired with: 20 Year Tawny Port
This was a great flavor. It was subtly sweet. I was surprised by how balanced the flavors are since all of the flavors separately are so distinct. The apricot was subtle, so it added a little hint of fruit flavor in with the slight sweetness of the milk chocolate. I appreciated how the milk chocolate was only slightly sweet because I generally don't eat milk chocolate because of how sweet it is. So major kudos. There was a slight goat cheese flavor at the end, but since it's so subtle even people who are not sold by goat cheese would still appreciate this bon bon. The pairing of the apricot goat cheese cobbler bon bon with the 20-year Tawny was beyond delicious. The tawny port was sweet, which pulled out the slight saltiness of the goat cheese. This had a more mellow sweet flavor than the coconut comté.

If you stop by the shop at 269 Court Street, you can get this limited edition The Chocolate Room x Président Cheese gift box. You can get one of each of the four flavors for $20.00.

Honestly, the box is great in and of itself. After you finish the bon bons, you can keep the box for keeping pens or your wand.

This is the interior of the cafe: 

Here is a quick look at the other flavors of chocolates you can purchase!

Of course, I had to pick up some extras to try since I was there.

There are some pretty unique flavors that I haven't seen before (other than the collaboration ones).

The white one with pastel dots is yuzu and the grey one is sesame flavor. I would definitely, wholeheartedly recommend checking out the sesame flavor. I may be partial since sesame is my all-time favorite flavor, but it was so good.

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