[NYC - Washington Heights] Suross Thai Bistro Lunch Menu

I saw that Suross Thai Bistro opened in the neighborhood a few months back.

After many of my colleagues ordered lunch from Suross, I decided to stop by for Saturday lunch to check it out.

I was majorly conflicted about writing this post because my colleagues have had good experiences and the reviews are quite good on Yelp. I have some issues with Yelp reviews when the restaurant offers you something free for posting about your visit because it seems like that artificially inflates the average rating. So, I thought I'd give it a chance since the presentation of the food looks so good in in photos I saw online.

This post is based solely on my experience. Since my colleagues keep ordering from here, for weekday lunches, maybe my experience was not as great since it was the weekend.

Each lunch comes with a salad and your choice of 1 from the following soup, fried tofu, veggie spring roll, and vegetable gyoza. We went with soup for one and spring rolls for the second. It is also supposed to come with a bottle of water (you can upgrade to Thai tea for an additional fee). We didn't get our bottle of water until after we finished eating.

We really enjoyed the salad. The salad components were fresh and the dressing was good. It was a peanut dressing, a little spicy, and with a little bit of a hint of a citrus flavor.

The veggie soup was fine, but it was basically just a broth with a very, very limited amount of vegetables in it. It was kind of salty, but not overwhelmingly so.

The spring rolls were lightly fried, but they were kind of a flop. I am pretty sure they were frozen spring rolls. The flavor of the filling was kind of blah and it wasn't a very good texture. They weren't freshly fried, so they weren't crispy crunchy, they were kind of just like a mushy stale egg roll like when you buy the pre-fried frozen ones at the grocery store and microwave them

I went for the Spicy Basil Udon with fried tofu since it was the first item on the menu and I wanted something spicy.

Now that I think about it, it's a little weird to get udon noodles at a Thai restaurant, so that should have been my first hint that this may not be a good choice.

There was no hint of basil or bamboo in these noodles. I love Thai basil dishes because the flavor is usually so complex, but this was just completely flat. The sauce...the sauce was basically just Sriracha sauce (my guess it was just the "signature" Suross Sriracha sauce that they're trying to sell everywhere in the restaurant).

The tofu was so dry it was like eating sand. I should have known that it was not a good thing when it came out and it looked like sunbleached coral that I picked up on my trip to Hawaii. I honestly didn't know it was possible to make tofu that dry.

Honestly, I tried to finish my food because I hate wasting food and I paid for it, but it was just so impossible to eat it.

This is the Pad Thai. When it came past us, I could only smell fish sauce. That pungent smell just hit my nostrils and I couldn't get over it. The sauce seemed to be solely fish sauce and Sriracha sauce mixed together from the one bite I had. Pad Thai usually has a complex mix of flavors - sweet, salt, slightly spicy, and a mild tartness. This was just completely flat.

The crispy pork belly was definitely crispy, but it was super dry, too. It seemed like maybe it was thrown in the fryer too long.

The one redeeming thing is that the fresh ingredients were all fresh. The portions are very generous.

Based on my experience, I would probably not revisit. It really tasted like college boy dorm room cooking. It tasted like how I imagine college guys cook when they're like "I want spicy Asian noodles. I'll just boil a bunch of noodles and squirt Sriracha in it."

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