[NYC - Washington Heights] Fort Washington Public House - New Restaurant Near Columbia-New York Presbyterian Hospital

Just in time for the new school year, the Fort Washington Public House has opened near the Columbia University Irving Medical Center and the New York Presbyterian Hospital.

I have been eyeing this spot for the past month or so since it had its grand opening. I recently visited for happy hour one day after work.

The happy hour prices are great and it runs from 3-7PM on Monday through Friday. Unfortunately, there isn't a weekend happy hour.

As an aside, there is a children's menu posted outside if you're visiting the hospital or in the area with children, which is great for the location since it's very close to CHONY.

On to the food:

I love potato chips and I saw the Hot Potato Chips on the happy hour menu for $4, so I knew I had to order it. There wasn't really any description other than "Valentina Hot Sauce", which is one of my favorite hot sauces, so I just went in hoping for the best.

The potato chips were, in fact, covered with Valentina hot sauce - the red bottle one.

I was extremely pleasantly surprised that the potato chips are actually homemade chips! They are freshly made, too, and are "hot" in the sense that they were served warm.
The day we were there, they were having a promotion in collaboration with a spiked seltzer company, so I only got one cocktail from the happy hour menu.
I got the Pineapple Mule, which was pretty refreshing. The cocktails on the happy hour menu don't include the specialty cocktails from the normal menu, just as an FYI.

So, when I walked past Fort Washington Public House for the first time and checked out the menu, I was SO excited when I saw that Parmesan Curly Fries because I'm such a fan of curly fries. So, I knew I had to order these (I had actually considered ordering these to be delivered over the weekend because I wanted curly fries so much).

These fries are quite good. The oil was fresh, so they tasted right and weren't too dark. They were quite crispy on the outside, not dry on the inside, and not overly oily.

Definitely recommend getting this.

We went in right after work and it was FULL. I think this may be a pretty popular place for happy hour for hospital staff. It seemed like there were a couple of tables full of a few departments.

Some of the larger groups ordered tons of food and all of it looked great - the nachos came on sheet pans and the wings looked delicious. Some of the other menu items seem pretty unique for the neighborhood, so I'm curious to maybe try them sometime in the future.

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