[K-Beauty] Kate Mousse BB Cream - Cream to Powder

I have been doing some experimenting with new BB creams, foundations, etc. One of my more favorite ones I have tested out is the Kate Mousse BB Cream.

Honestly, I haven't tried any American mousse foundations and I think this may have been the first one mousse products I have tried (other than the food ones).

The issue I usually have in American products is that there are SO MANY shades to choose from and, as a result, I am always in between two or three different colors. The Kate mousse came in two different shades at the store I was in (there may be other shades, but I can only attest to what I saw). I chose the darker of the two. It was a pretty good match for me.
The mousse is quite smooth. It goes on smoothly with medium coverage. After application, the creamy smooth mousse consistency kind of changes to a powdery matte look. I tend to look for matte finishes in my products.

Since I have combination skin, the mousse to powder finish met its first test. The powder didn't settle into my dry patches and it also didn't settle into my smile lines or anywhere really. After a full day of wear, it was a little patchy, though, but it did last a long time overall. I didn't reapply throughout the day.

It came with a makeup sponge. Not really a good one, but since it was free with purchase, that was kind of expected.

I would probably repurchase this if I have the opportunity, but I can't find it online at Amazon or YesStyle, unfortunately. If you know where I can find it, comment below!

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