[NYC - Chinatown] Taiyaki NYC - Taiyaki with Black Sesame and Matcha Soft Serve

While everyone is at Taiyaki NYC and getting the souffle pancakes, here I am with a post about the original signature taiyaki ice cream.

I went with the swirled black sesame (my favorite flavor) and matcha soft serve with the pastel mochi and cookie stick. There's also some adzuki bean/red beans hidden inside.

I mean, I get why this is popular. It's super Instagrammable, but I guess I have been living in Asia too long. This sort of presentation of ice cream was very common even back in 2010 before Instagram was a thing.

It's a little bit pricey at $10 after tax and tip. I guess this will just fall under the "do it for the gram" category of food in New York City.

The ice cream is good and the taiyaki is good. If you see no line and you want to have a little new ice cream fishy on your Instagram feed, stop by. If I was walking by, craving ice cream, and I saw there was no line, I might stop by again. I'd probably just get the ice cream and skip the beans and the fish waffle.

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