[Singapore] ARC Reminiscence Post - This Cafe Was Great, but, Sadly, Has Closed :(

I took a bit of a summer break, sorry! I'm back. I'm going to post some reminiscence posts this week to get me back in the swing of things. I've had these posts as drafts on my computer for a while, but I unearthed them as I was going through my files to prepare to get a new computer. HERE WE GO!

ARC was one of my favorite cafes we visited in Singapore! Sadly, it has closed since my visit a couple of years ago. But, it lives on in my pictures and memories.

We were wandering around near Sultan Mosque (Masjid Sultan) when we found this cute cafe with the coffee mural on the side. We made a mental note and stopped back after our lunch.

The cafe was quite huge inside (as was the menu). The prices were quite reasonable considering the location and the trendy modern style drinks.

My friend got the 1+1 (single espresso + 1 milk coffee) and I got the cold brew in the lightbulb.

When my friend's coffee came out, I was so jealous. It looked great! It was just so hot out that I couldn't even consider drinking any hot coffee at that moment.

She was very impressed with her coffee and espresso.
As I said, it was so hot, so I decided that I just HAD to have a cold drink. I went for the cold brew in the lightbulb because so many other people had it and I hadn't had a cold brew in so long since cold brew wasn't really a "thing" in Korea yet at that time.

There was a choice of 3 coffees, which was overwhelming for me. I went with the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Dumerso option and I was happy with my choice. I wanted a light to medium roast, so this was perfect. It had a rather subtle, but yet complex flavor.

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