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[Snack Attack - Korea] Makgeolli Soda - Icing and me 3%

My friend and I often ordered chicken and had either soju soda (see my other posts about soju soda) or makgeolli soda depending on our mood.

My personal favorite is Icing, which I think is the original makgeolli soda brand. That night we also got the me 3% brand, too.

It may be nostalgia or else it's just because this is grapefruit flavored, but this is still my favorite option. However, I think I'd go for a soju soda over a makgeolli soda any day. I'd also go for a regular makgeolli over makgeolli soda any day.

However, if you're not a fan of grapefruit, definitely avoid this one! You can definitely taste the grapefruit.

The me 3% is yuja (citron) flavor. That's not my #1 choice of a citrus fruit, so maybe that's why it wasn't my #1 choice in makgeolli sodas. However, if you like a sweeter flavor, this is the one you should grab if you're in the mood for makgeolli soda. It has a slightly sweeter flavor than the Icing grapefruit flavor.

This is important to see. So, since it's makgeolli, you do need to mix up the contents a bit since it's unfiltered and it kind of settles a bit.

But, since it's a soda, it is under a lot of pressure, so it'll explode if you're too excited in your mixing.

It recommends using just your wrist to rock it 4-5 times. Then, since the carbonation will have increased, you have to open it slowly and carefully.

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