[NYC - Midtown] Kobeyaki - Rolls, Bowls, and Burgers

Kobeyaki is a great fast food choice if you're on the run (or at an event like a New York Rangers or New York Knicks game in Madison Square Garden.

There are salad, burger, bowls, soup (ramen and udon) and roll options for main dishes. There are fries, seaweed salad, and side salad options for sides.

This Kobeyaki Burger is around $10, but it's made with Wagyu beef and is topped with salad, teriyaki ketchup and spicy mayonnaise. Albiet slightly expensive for a fast food burger, this was a very high quality and tasty choice. My boyfriend still speaks fondly of this burger and says it's the best fast food burger he has ever had. (I think he was mainly jazzed about the spicy mayo and teriyaki ketchup).

I decided to get the sweet potato fries (to share) and the Tuna Tataki Salad (also around $10).

The sweet potato fries were perfectly fried. You can choose your own dipping sauce, so you have your choice of the teriyaki ketchup and the spicy mayo.

The salad was made with tuna, avocado, edamame, cucumber, carrots and some crispy noodles. The base of the salad is romaine lettuce. The dressing is a yummy ginger dressing. When I read that the dressing was ginger dressing, I was sold. I love ginger anything.

This is a very nice and light, but flavorful, dinner choice. I definitely recommend it if you're in New York City for the summer. season.

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