[London - Soho] Kanada-Ya Ramen Review - Soho and Chinatown

In planning my trip to London, I asked my friend who studied at LSE for recommendations. He highly recommended Kanada-Ya for ramen.

So, I definitely added it to my list. Every time we passed, there was always a long queue, so I figured it was a pretty good choice.

One day, the line was pretty short, only about 4 people, so we jumped on the opportunity.

Of course, with ramen, you gotta order a beer. They didn't have the Inari flavor, which is the one I wanted, so the waitress brought me this Kirin. She already opened it, so I didn't know what to do...so I just didn't want to rock the boat, so I just drank it.

Again, I think maybe the waitress was not the best. I only ordered one of these, but she brought us two of them. They were both tuna. These were pretty good (even though the photo quality leaves a lot to be desired). I do wish there was a slightly bit more tuna. It was a pretty good, solid choice, and I would probably also recommend getting it to-go for a snack while on the go.
We also ordered an order of Chicken Karaage since I typically order one at each ramen/Japanese spot to try to figure out which is my favorite. This was a pretty solid choice, but it is was not my favorite ever.

The chicken breading was a little harder/denser than I prefer, but not exactly crispy like I usually like. However, the batter is seasoned well and it has a slight citrus (maybe yuzu) flavoring. The chicken inside is still quite moist and tender, which is a happy finding.

Since I am sensitive to pork, I was a little concerned with my order. I went with the exclusive Tonkotsu X ramen, since it was the exclusive flavor in London. However, the broth was a mixture between pork and chicken broth. The broth was rich, but not tummyache-level rich, which I think may be thanks to the mixture of the chicken and pork broths.

The noodles are thin and I went with the "hard" level of noodle hardness (make sure you're ready to choose this).
This was the second ramen we ordered - Gekikara. This was delicious. It's basically a tan tan ramen and was pretty on par with my other favorite tan tan ramens.

It wasn't very spicy and was somewhat refreshing, actually. It is a FULL bowl, though. So, definitely make sure you go in knowing it's going to be quite filling.

Overall, I would recommend checking out Kanada-Ya if you're in the area and are craving ramen. I do prefer it to Ippudo (which is also in Soho) and I would recommend it over Ippudo, but that, again, is a 100% personal preference.

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