[Explore DC] NOW OPEN! David H. Koch Hall of Fossils -- Deep Time (Dinosaur Hall) Smithsonian Museum of Natural History

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History recently reopened it's dinosaur hall after a 5-year renovation project.

The new hall is called The David H. Koch Hall of Fossils--Deep Time. The new exhibition features a T-rex and more than 700 other specimens, not all of which are dinosaurs. While the dinosaurs are the most dramatic part of the exhibition, the other skeletons and dioramas are also cool. The exhibition dedicates a lot of space to explaining evolution, ecosystems, and human impact on the world.

I visited the exhibition almost immediately after it opened, and didn't spend a lot of time reading the panels because it was crowded. There are other exhibitions in the museum that are interesting as well, including the halls of mammals and of geology, gems, and minerals. If you are planning a trip to DC in the near future, I would definitely suggest stopping by the Natural History Museum. Make sure you plan enough time to see everything (even if you don't read all the plaques) and to wait in the security line.

Here are some pictures I took in the Hall of Fossils.

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