[Twin Cities - St. Paul] iPho by Saigon - Cheap pho and banh mi sandwiches

iPho by Saigon is always a standby for me ever since college. It's absolutely pho-nomenal.

The quality of the food and the freshness is always quite consistent.

The pho is always served hot. The service is fine, it's not 5-star, Michelin guide service, but at this price point, it's far more than fine.

The pho comes in four sizes - kid size, regular (what I get), x-large, and jumbo. The jumbo size is comically large. You know the ones you see on Facebook and Instagram as challenges...like 6 pounds of pho? Yeah, I would say that's about the size that it looks like - I've never tried to ingest that size, so I can't say for certain the volume of food.

The kid size pho is around $5, the regular size is around $8, x-large around $9, and jumbo is around $12.

iPho by Saigon is usually quite generous with the meat, especially given the price. For this price, I would generally expect to receive maybe four slices of meat on top (if I was in NYC).

The broth is delicious! Although it is quite clear, it's packed with flavor. It has all the different flavors and they all hit you at once - sweet and savory with a touch of saltiness and sour.

You can always add extra vegetables, which changes the flavor ever so slightly.

If pho is not your thing, there are a TON of other menu options.

There are dry rice noodle dishes, rice dishes, vermicelli salads (bun), banh mi sandwiches (about $4-$5), bubble tea, and much, much more.

There's really something for everyone.

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