[Minnesota - St. Cloud] Granite City Food & Brewery - BBQ Pork Waffle, Citrus Salmon Salad, and Chicken Tinga Tacos

Granite City Food & Brewery is a mainstay in St. Cloud.

I still remember when Granite City opened. I still miss the Chinese Chicken Salad they used to have, which has been taken off the menu far too long ago, maybe 15+ years ago :(

The quality of the food has had its ups and downs over the years, but there are not really that many options in St. Cloud, so this is still a good choice if you want to go to dinner at a place that's not Applebee's or the like.

Some other new family favorites have come and stayed over the years - The Overlake, various burgers, BBQ Pork Waffle (in this post), and tacos.
This is the Salmon Citrus Salad. The salmon was a little overcooked this particular day. It was kind of dry. Even still, the flavor of the salmon was great.

The salad greens were fine, but I would prefer there to be less romaine lettuce on salad menus, personally. This salad had a decent mix of romaine along with other greens.

The citrus flavor made this salad quite light and summery.

I typically get the Baja Fish Tacos (totally recommend) or the Mahi Tacos, but this time I decided to try the Chicken Tinga Tacos. These were fine, but the chicken was kind of boring and cold. It was cooked, it just was cold. I kind of thought the temperature of the tacos should be more on the warm side than the cold one. My particular experience was that it was kind of like how I remember a Taco Bell taco to be temperature-wise (mind you that I haven't had a Taco Bell taco from probably about 1994).

The salsa salad is nice, so I would definitely recommend putting it on the tacos to add a little texture and flavor.

In the future, I won't stray from my typical fish tacos at Granite City. My personal opinion is that the fish is usually cooked to order since it's not found in many of the other menu items, unlike the grilled chicken breast strips from the chicken tinga tacos.

This is my mom's favorite meal. The barbecue pork waffle. There is a heaping mountain of shredded pork smothered in smokey barbecue sauce. It's topped with fried onion strings (which is obviously the part of the dish that I sneak off my mom's plate). It's served with a side of cole slaw (this is more of a vinegar-based flavor than a mayonnaise, creamy one).

You can see here that my mom decided to go for the kettle chips. These are so good, but I'm pretty sure these are the Old Dutch Bistro Chips (I bought a bag to test for myself when I got back in NYC to test my theory).

Insider tip: Get the waffle fries and order a side of Granite City dip for the table. You won't regret it.

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