[Snack Attack - Korea] Jjolbyeong Spicy Ramen Snack - The best desk snack!

I have written about Nongshim's Jjolbyeong ramen snacks in the past, but I realized I should definitely update you because I FOUND THESE IN THE UNITED STATES!

I introduced my boyfriend to these snacks on a recent trip to HMart.

They're a little expensive at $2.49 per bag, though, so I have them as a treat.

He prefers the spicy flavor, but three are two other flavors including the barbecue charcoal meat flavor I introduced to you last time and then also a cheesy ramen flavor, too.

I remembered this time to take a picture of the bag contents! This is the amount per bag. The bags have a lot of air in them, which irks some people, but I appreciate this because the ramen snacks stay in tact. The flavor is kind of spicy, but sweet - basically, how ddukbokki tastes when you get it from a street stall in places like Gwangjang Market or Myeongdong Street Food..

The little crunchy nuggets are so good. They're so crunchy and don't crumble as you bite, so they don't create a mess. One of the other ramen snacks that I love, don't get me wrong, is quite messy to eat because as you eat it, the little pieces of noodles don't fall on your lap (or desk). They're also very flavorful without leaving your fingers red or sticky.

These neat eating factors caused me to name this the perfect desk snack!

In terms of size, the picture on the bag is pretty true to size (see above). The real deal is just not as red as the picture on the bag.

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