[Minneapolis - Stadium Village] Surly Tour and Dinner at Surly Beer Hall

Part 3 of 3 for this week's Surly posts.

Surly has a great brewery tour, so I wanted to separate it out for you.

You can and should book your tour in advance online: https://surlybrewing.com/tours/

The tours are free and they cap the tours at 6 people, which is great because with a small group it seems more special.

If the tours are not full, they open the spots to walk-ins. We were lucky when we visited because we were walk-ins and were able to get 3 spots on the tour.

The procedures may have changed since we visited since it seems like there have been a lot of changes at Surly recently. When we visited, we were given a commemorative Brewery Tour glass (one each) and the wristband gets you one pint at the beer hall.

Tours are kind of all the same at all breweries, but Surly is kind of a bigger brewery compared to many of the other craft breweries in Minnesota. So, it's kind of a different tour because you can see what it's like at scale.

During the tour you do get plenty of samples, so you probably get the equivalent to one pint of beer, I think (but maybe they were quite generous during our tour).

I usually go for the Surly Furious, but since I basically got a pint of Furious on the tour, I decided to get Todd the Axe Man and I think my mom got the Overrated.

On the tour we also had a stout and a pilsner, neither of which are my style of beer, so I traded with my mom and dad since those are their styles and I inherited their furious. The tour guide also gave me more of the Furious since the group was so small, so that's how I ended up with so much.

Some of these food items are no longer on the menu, but I think maybe the menu may change seasonally from time to time.

This Ricotta Gnocchi is one exception. The ricotta gnocchi is currently available on the pizza menu!

This was one of the best things we ate that day. It's pretty rich, but not overly rich. I felt full, but not full of regrets.
The gnocchi was pillowy soft and fluffy. I liked how it was cooked because some of the gnocchi were browned and partially crunchy on the outside. I also loved how that it was topped with some beautiful shredded cheese and some fresh herbs.

This was the perfect brunch menu item, but sadly it's not on the May 2019 menu.

This is the salmon toast. It was so great! It's an open faced sandwich with a generous portion of salmon and salad on top.

Everything was seasoned perfectly and all the flavors tasted great together. The salad on top was nice and fresh and crunchy and was great with the tender salmon.
The bread was nice and fresh. The bread is slightly denser than your typical American bread, but not as dense as the Scandinavian style bread.
This was the Chocolate Hazelnut Torte. This is definitely the top choice for any nutella lover. The torte was nice and fluffy. I also really enjoyed the hazelnuts that are on top.

The chocolate lover at the table loved the chocolate flavor and the chocolate balls.

We decided to use the last wristband for the Frisson. You can also use your wristband for a non-alcoholic drink, too if you are not. My dad got a Diet Coke.

This Pentagram was delicious for me. For my mom, it was not really her thing and for my dad, most definitely not his thing.

The Pentagram was quite sour, which was the dividing line in our group. It was definitely a must for sour lovers, but for individuals who are just dipping their toes into the sour beer realm, this may not be the one to start with. That being said, the berry flavor was definitely there, too.

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