[Minneapolis Brewery and Restaurant Review] Surly Beer Hall - Beer Brunch At Surly Beer Hall

Beer + Brunch, what else do you need? Check out Surly Beer Hall in Minneapolis for your next boozy brunch.

Although the menu has rotated since my visit, the opinion still holds. This is a great place for some solid food at a beer hall with solid beer choices.

I know Surly isn't a microbrewery, but something does have to be said that they can do both the food and the beer well.

Surly uses fresh ingredients to make their food. There are plenty of options for all eaters current menu in yesterday's post. There are options for vegetarians, gluten-free, and meat eaters alike.

If you ever see this Chopped Salad on the menu again, I definitely recommend. All the flavors married together so well - the herb vinaigrette was so good. I wish I could have brought it home - it was savory, but you could still taste the acid of the vinegar without it being overpowering.

I liked that there was salami and garbanzo beans. My mom especially loved the fact that there were olives on the salad (and she loved that she could eat all of them without any protests from me).

My dad and this sandwich are forever friends. His standby sandwich is this Beef Brisket Sandwich. I am pretty sure he had this same sandwich the first time we visited Surly back in 2014.

Since it is always on the menu, I guess he's not alone and the quality and flavor speak for itself.

The menu pairing recommended we try the Pentagram with the salad. This Dark Sour Ale was delicious! I would definitely recommend it if you are a fan of complex beers. You could definitely taste the hints of wine, along with the tobacco and oak flavors, and the sour cherry flavor.

I haven't tasted another similar flavor and I order sour beers often. I wish I could easily find it outside of Minnesota (or even in Minnesota).

Go for the beer, stay for the food. 
And also stay for more beer.

Tomorrow's post is about the tour! So, check back.

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