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[Seoul - Edae] B and D Station - Ricotta Cheese Salad and Panini Brunch

B&D Station is another brunch restaurants I have visited in Edae, other than Gil Cuisine.

The prices at B&D Station are quite cheap, especially for Western-style brunch in Seoul, but that's probably because it's in a student area.

Most of the food options were around 10-15,000 KRW.

We decided to go for a chicken panini with a side salad. I'm medium about balsamic reduction drizzle on things, so I was a little meh when I saw it on the side salad.

The salad components were quite fresh, so I didn't mind the balsamic drizzle.
Is it brunch in Seoul if you don't order a ricotta cheese salad.

This ricotta cheese salad was heavy on the ricotta cheese and bread and a little light on the salad.

The salad ingredients were quite fresh and I was so happy to see my friends, craisins! I hadn't seen craisins in so long.

I don't think the ricotta cheese was homemade, but that's okay. I think on a student budget this is a good choice, but I think if you have the time and a craving for a ricotta cheese salad, I'd go to Cafe Mama's instead. B&D Station gave us tons of bread, which was odd, and it was covered with the dang balsamic reduction drizzle again. This time, I wasn't a huge fan of it because it added a strange flavor to the salad.

All in all, the price is right and the location is great, but the food is just okay. That being said since the price is so low, I would say the food met expectation.

I would probably ask for them to hold off on the balsamic drizzle if I ever went back.

I've been for dinner, too, and there are a lot of pasta options (also quite cheap - about 10-12,000 KRW). The price is great for the area
The decor is interesting. I guess it fits the theme associated with the name. It's like an industrial garage theme.

There are 2 floors of seating:

I realized that I didn't have a picture of the exterior, which is important because it's off the main street. So, I went back another day and took a picture for you.

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