[Busan - Seomyun] Milk Lab - Earl Grey Roll Cake

When I saw that Milk Lab in Seomyun (Busan) had Earl Grey Roll Cake available, I could not resist.

Give me Earl Grey cakes all day and I'm a happy lady.

The roll cake was not as expensive as I was used to paying in Seoul (or NYC), so I was kind of tempted to try more than one flavor, but I restrained myself because we had a lot of things to eat and do.

There are a ton of great flavors including earl grey, sweet pumpkin (Korean pumpkin, I'm guessing), lemon yogurt, cacao marscapone, chocola, and a original roll cake). The prices ranged from 4,000 - 4,500 KRW for one piece and then 8,000-9,000 KRW for a half roll.

The roll cake was delicious! There was earl grey tea leaves throughout the roll cake, which meant the flavor was to be found in every bite. There were also tea leaves and tea flavor throughout all of the cream, too!

The roll cake was very moist and fresh. It was nice and fluffy.

The flavor was very natural. Some of the other places tend to make it with some artificial flavoring, but this flavor was natural and delicious in its subtlety.

Although I said it was subtle, it wasn't super duper subtle, you could definitely taste the earl grey flavor, but it's not the "pow" in your face flavor at some of the other places. The cream was sweet, but not overly sweet. You could still taste all the milky, creamy flavor and the earl grey flavor.

The interior was fine, but it's not a cafe you'll want to spend too long in because the stools are a weird height and are..well, stools.

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