[Seoul - Yongsan] Kanival Pizza - Crazy fusion pizza including "CRAZY POTATO" fries on pizza!

Kanival Pizza is a chain of pizza restaurants in Korea. It's usually found near universities and is known for its unique pizza combinations and inexpensive sets.

So, I always thought it was going to be a little more carnival themed, but the only sign of this was the carnival mask, which is where they hide your receipt.
We decided to go with the number 5 P-MC set. This comes with a pizza (half is crazy potato and half is cheese bomb), an order of crazy buffalo wings, and 2 beers (500 mL).

Luckily for me, even though the beer glasses say Hite, it was actually Max beer.

The pizza was super interesting to say the least. It was an interesting fusion, but I wasn't mad at it. I mean, it's kind of genius. The best of two worlds - crispy fries and pizza!

The Crazy Potato pizza has the crispy seasoned fries on top and the pizza itself is a bacon and parmigiano cheese. The Cheese Bomb pizza is topped with mozzarella cheese and meat sauce.

The buffalo wings were not true buffalo wings in the American sense of the word.

The buffalo wings were pretty good, but the flavor was more like a sweet and sour barbecue sauce mixed with a sweet Thai chili sauce.

The chicken was pretty tender inside and lightly fried, so it's more like an American chicken wing than Korean fried chicken. The flavor was good, but not spicy. It was definitely a nice find for me since I kind of like the "Asian Zing" flavor at Buffalo Wild Wings.

This is the menu. The specialty pizza names are written in English. I'll write the ingredients under the menu for you.

Cheese Bomb - mozzarella cheese, meat sauce
Spinach Marscarpone - marscarpone cheese, spinach, cranberry, apple, walnut, lemon
Crazy Potato - seasoned French fries, bacon, parmigiano cheese
Spinach Ranch - spinach, ranch dressing, cherry tomatoes, parmigiano cheese, black olives
Garlic Gorgonzola - gorgonzola, roasted garlic, walnut, honey
Kimchi Diavola - kimchi, salami, fresh mozzarella, black olives
Spicy Beef - marinated bulgogi, mushrooms, roasted garlic, onion, paprika
Herb Salami - salami, bacon, basil, parmigiano cheese
Pepperoni - pepperoni, fresh mozzarella
Double Cheese - cheddar cheese, fresh mozzarella cheese
Vegetarian  - mushrooms, onions, paprika, black olives

Karnival Sets:
1. Pasta Set - 1 lunch pasta (select from 4) + 1 soda
2. Pizza Set - 1 Pizza (half crazy potato + half garlic gorgonzola) + 1 plain salad + 2 sodas
3. Best Set - 1 Pizza (half crazy potato + half garlic gorgonzola) + 1 pasta (select from 4 options) + 1 soda
4. Premium Set - 1 Pizza (half spinach marscarpone + half cheese bomb) + 1 pasta (select from 4 options) + 1 soda
5. P-MC Set - 1 Pizza (half crazy potato + half cheese bomb) + 1 order of crazy buffalo wings + 2 beers

Barbecue Salad Pasta - barbecue, mushrooms, arugula, romaine, onion, tomato
Cheesy Potato Spaghetti - seasoned French fries, ragu sauce, sour cream, jalapeno cheddar cheese, bacon [if you're brave enough to try this, please let me know what it tastes like]
Carbonara - cream, bacon, mushrooms, egg
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