[Philadelphia - Center City] Goldie - Vegan Milkshake - Banana Tehina Shake

Goldie is a cafe in Philadelphia with a ton of vegan and vegetarian options.

As I was looking for restaurants around our hotel, I was so excited to find that there were vegan milkshake options readily available because I am somewhat sensitive to milk and I wanted a refreshing treat while on vacation.

I decided to go for the banana tehina shake since that was the most raved about flavor.

It was a very interesting treat. I would say that it is VERY thick, especially since real bananas are used.

It was not very sweet, which I appreciate, but it doesn't taste like a non-vegan shake would taste.

Maybe it's because all the components are super natural, but it was a little more acidic than milkshakes are. Please let me know if this is normal for vegan shakes. I think this may have been my first vegan shake I've eaten in my life.

Since the shake was so thick, I could eat only about half of it. So, it was definitely enough to share if you're not too weirded out about sharing a shake.

This tehina shake could definitely be a meal replacement.

My favorite part of the shake were the crumbles on the top.

I kind of wish maybe I would have gone with my gut and gotten the coffee or the mint chocolate flavor (minus the chocolate), so maybe next time I go to Philadelphia, I should try one of those other flavors.

With everything being said, if you're very sensitive to lactose or are vegan, I would say this is a good option for you. You should totally put it on your list because it's satisfying as a milkshake - it's cool and refreshing, but still tastes rich and like a treat and the texture is right.

But, if you're interested in trying it just because it's famous, I would probably recommend skipping it. There are plenty of milkshakes available for you.

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