[NYC - Lower East Side] Tenement Museum - History Tour

Marissa here! On a recent weekend trip to NYC, I went to the Tenement Museum for the first time.

It is located on the Lower East Side and is really easy to get to. The only way to visit is by guided tour, so definitely pre-order your tickets. There are six possible tours. Tickets for the tours are $27 for adults, $22 for college students (you may need an ID), seniors (65+), and students (ages 6-17). Tours are around an hour long. The tours have age and mobility restrictions so make sure to check out the website for resources before you buy tickets.

 In addition to apartment tours, there are neighborhood walking tours and experiences. The neighborhood walking tour that I would want to go on is the Food of the Lower East Side--it looks amazing. The tickets for Food of the Lower East side are $45 for adults and $40 for the other three groups. The experiences are between 90 minutes and 2 hours.

The tours start in a separate building that houses visitor services and the gift shop. After you meet up with your educator, you walk to one of two buildings (97 and 109 Orchard Street) that have been conserved and restored to illustrate specific moments in the lives of the people who lived there. It is really cool to actually be surrounded by the past. I took the Sweatshop Workers tour. The tour itself was excellent. The guide/educator knew a lot about the building and the people who lived there. Unfortunately, you cannot take pictures inside the actual buildings.

 Even if you don't think you like history, I'm sure there will be a tour or experience that you will enjoy!

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