[Seoul - Sadang] Kyochon Rice Chicken Review 라이스치킨

Kyochon Chicken in Korea is one my friend's favorite Korean fried chicken restaurant.

As you know, my heart belongs to BHC chicken (posts here), but, from time to time, I get Kyochon.

One day, we ordered an order of the Rice Chicken. To my knowledge, this is not on the American menu and I don't often see it on the menu at other chicken restaurants in Korea either.

It's super crispy! So, I love it so much. The "rice" is actually puffed rice, which gets a very nice texture when fried.

The texture is more like an American fried chicken tender than a typical Korean friend chicken order. The chicken is crispy crunchy and the chicken inside is nice and tender.

For some reason, the Kyochon near my apartment was super generous and gave us three different dipping sauces. I think they usually only give us one. We got to try the honey mustard, the jambalaya sauce, and the red dipping sauce.

The red dipping sauce was my favorite. I'm not a huge fan of Korean honey mustard because it seems like there's far more honey than there is mustard in the sauce. The Jambalaya sauce was interesting, but I'm not sure exactly how to even describe what it tastes like...it was oddly sweet, but kind of smokey spicy.

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