[New York - Buffalo] West Side Bazaar - Best Ethiopian Food in Buffalo (International Food Court)

If you visit Buffalo, New York, I 100% recommend that you add West Side Bazaar to your must visit list!

One somewhat random stop I added to my "MUST VISIT" list of Buffalo was West Side Bazaar, which is run by a non-profit that benefits and supports refugees and immigrants.

I found out about West Side Bazaar from the New York Times article from 2018. I will try to link the article here, but I can't it at the moment :(

We decided to try out the Steamed BBQ Pork Bun from the Chinese shop (sorry, the menu didn't come out clear enough).

It was pretty expensive, even with our minds being in New York City prices, but the size was massive.

However, sadly, this was not a top choice for us if we ever make it back there again. The bun itself was pretty dry and the bun to meat ratio was a little disappointing.

The meat itself was pretty nice, flavor-wise, but the overwhelming amount of bread kind of made it a disappointing bun.

This was completely based on our experience alone, so it may be different if you go a different day.

Abyssinia Ethiopian Cuisine: The BEST Ethiopian Food In Buffalo

This was the absolute best thing. Even though we were full, we were super tempted to go back for another round of this "Vegetable Combination." The price was amazing at $9.99!

This was so much food! We had enough for two people. We were full, but not uncomfortably so. The vegetables were all quite flavorful and were, luckily, not too salty. I've had some Ethiopian food in the past that has been quite salty (which is a pretty big feat since I love salt).

The lentils were cooked super well! They were nice and tender and all cooked evenly, which is no easy feat. The spinach, the beets, everything. So good.

The injera is SOOOO good, too. It's nice and fluffy and moist, so you can tell it's fresh! Abyssinia also is quite generous with the amount of injera you're given, which is great since the vegetables were also given in pretty generous quantities.

Wa Wa Asian Snacks: (Southeast Asian Food; Stall owned by a woman from Burma/Myanmar)

We also decided to get dessert. We decided to go for the Tha Khway Yai. I love sticky rice and I love mangoes, and I love condensed milk, so it was a win-win-win type of situation for me.

This was absolutely delicious! The mango is fresh and cut to order, which really surprised me. I also don't know how it was possible, but this was the perfect level of ripeness! It wasn't acidic or anything and was perfectly sweet and tender.

I love black sticky rice. While I was living in Korea, I ordered some accidentally in my sleep (don't ask how, but it happened), but that was a happy mistake because I just love it so much. This was the perfect texture, not undercooked and not mushy. Perfection.

The best bite (obviously) is eating all three components together. 

Also, can you believe that this dessert was only $4.95?!? I could see someone in New York City charging like $15 for this dessert. Begrudgingly, I would probably pay for it, too. ><

Here are some tries at photographing the menus at the different stalls in the food area of West Side Bazaar.

If you want to do some shopping for more unique items, check out the other half of the bazaar. Although some of the items seem to be kind of really overpriced and generic, there were a few good finds in there.

One of the shopkeepers was super pushy, which rubbed me the wrong way, especially since that individual kept commenting on my skin color and trying to guess my ethnicity...which is not okay, so I definitely didn't purchase or even look that direction.

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