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[Seoul - Jongro] Sulbing Nurungji Crispy Rice Bingsu (Seasonal Flavor)

Better late than never for this review of Nurungji Bingsu from Sulbing.

For a while, I was trying every seasonal flavor Sulbing introduced (minus the melon ones because they seemed like they'd be disappointing after expending so much energy to open them.

So, this was the winter seasonal flavor back in Winter 2015/2016. I am so sad that it never came back. (I had this post in drafts for a very long time and then decided to actually publish it...)

So, you'll not be able to find this flavor, unless they somehow decide to bring it back.

My friend and I liked this flavor because we're basically senior citizens. Nurungji is the crispy rice that is left at the bottom of the pot. It's kind of sweet and crispy, which is why I like it so much.

This bingsu also had a ice cream sandwich of sorts made from puffed rice crackers. This was an odd, but welcome addition.

The syrup was kind of a light caramel flavor. Kind of like you'd find on popcorn, but not quite as sweet.

It was messy to eat, but it was a nice change of space.

The bingsu was slightly more expensive than their usual selection at 8,000KRW.

Korean bloggers at the time were calling this a "healthy" bingsu. Yeah, okay...if you say so.

How to find the wifi password or bathroom code at Korean cafes:

So this isn't a completely useless post, I realized that I had also included a picture of the receipt.
I know when I first moved to Korea, I was always too shy to try and ask for the password to the bathroom or wifi. Luckily, back then, I had Korean friends who introduced me to the secrets at finding wifi passwords, etc. Back then, they didn't print them on the receipts, but nowadays you can usually find it on the receipts!

If you're ever in a Korean restaurant or cafe and need a code for either the bathroom or the WiFi, you can sometimes find the information on your receipt.

비밀번호=비번 = password/code
For example, the 화장실 도어비번 (bathroom door code) is 6777 and the Wifi 비번 is 027326777.
As you can see, the codes aren't exactly unique.

If you're ever in a jam, you can always try the restaurant or cafe's phone number as the password. That's what I usually had to do back in the day (and also in cities outside of Seoul). It's usually something that will be easy to remember for the staff, so a phone number is an obvious choice.

That was the case at this Sulbing. They used the cafe's phone number as the Wifi password and then used the last 4 digits of the phone number as the bathroom code.

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