[Seoul Music Festivals 2019] Get Early Bird & Discount Tickets to KPOP Concerts for this Summer!

May 4-5 in Seoul (Coex Hall A)
63% off ($21.90 for Standing Tickets)

Dream Concert 2019 + 1-day Everland Pass (Feat. Taemin, Red Velvet, Mamamoo, and more)
May 18 in World Cup Stadium (Seoul)

July 20-21 in Seoul (Exact location TBD)
33% off ($86.80 for Saturday, $77.20 for Sunday)
*I went to this festival in 2015 and it was a lot of fun*

May 3-5 in Jarasum (at Gapyeong Station)
62% off ($33.30 for 3-day pass)

June 29-30 in Nanji Hangang Park (Seoul)
32% off ($67.50 1-day pass, $104.40 2-day pass)

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