[Seoul - Jamsil] Cafe Des Fleurs - Another flower cafe in Seoul! HUGE MENU and tons of fresh juices

Since it's cherry blossom season, decided to post this visit I made to the Cafe des Fleurs in Lotte World/Jamshil. 

If I spend money outside on coffee, I want to make sure it's special (unless I'm in desperation mode, so I can write a post about some of the cheap places in Seoul where you can get okay coffee and not break your budget). *HINT: It's not Starbucks*

So, this cafe is a little out of the way, so it's not usually too busy. It's not a beautiful cafe like Cafe Arriate, but the coffee is good and it's pretty quiet, which makes it a nice time to rest after shopping at Lotte World Mall or going to Lotte World with your friends.

This is the cafe interior. The cafe is not filled floor to ceiling with flowers like Cafe Arriate does, which is good for me since I have flower allergies.

They do offer flower arrangements and you can buy any of the arrangements you see in the shop.
They got me with their signature "flower" beverages. I didn't do the crazy one (maybe I should have) but I did opt for the "Fleur Latte".

This was a pretty good latte in general and the price is about the same price as you'd pay at any of the typical chain cafes.

I did wish that the flower of the day was something prettier, but you win some, you lose some.

I was happy that the latte here did not have too much sugar syrup and it actually tasted like the cafe used espresso roast instead of just coffee (like many other cafes tend to do).

I think that the "Latte" word is kind of a misnomer since this was basically a white chocolate mocha.

There were about 40 seats in the whole cafe.

One side of the cafe is filled with flower and arrangement options for people who stop by to get flowers. You can choose what type of flower, the vase/pot it's put in, and if it's going to be put in a vinyl bag or wrapped in cellophane, etc.

They will wrap everything for you. It's actually quite the operation.

I wonder how many people know about this shop/service.

These are some of the signature items (not sure why the Americano is on there, but I'm sure it's a top seller). They got be with the sign out front that showed the "Blooming Latte", but unfortunately the latte was sold out that day. Part of me wonders if I could order the Cotton Candy separately, but I think that's why the item was sold out.

The rest of the menu is HUGE.

They also have alcohol, which is pretty tempting, to be honest.

These desserts, too, were so so tempting.

These are the sets, which are the only part of the menu without English translations. So, here it goes!

Left side are cake sets:
8500: 1 slice of cake + 1 hot Americano
9000: 1 slice of cake + 1 iced Americano

Right side are muffin sets:
5500: 1 muffin + 1 hot Americano
6000: 1 muffin + 1 iced Americano

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