[NYC - Midtown] The Doughnut Project - Everything Bagel, Rose (The Chandonut), and Espresso Milk Chocolate Donut

The Doughnut Project has been on my list of doughnut shops to try for a while. So, one day when I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by and checked it out.

One of my goals is to try more doughnuts! Not of the national chain variety, but of the more small, independent shop type.

After eating an Everything Bagel Doughnut at Blackbird Doughnuts in Boston and at B.Doughnut in DC, I have decided to try an Everything Bagel at every shop I find it at, so we tested out the Everything Bagel Doughnut at The Doughnut Project.

It's a yeast doughnut, so it's quite fluffy. However, this was not our favorite Everything Bagel Doughnut we've tried yet.

The everything bagel seasoning was nice, but, unlike all of the other ones we've tried, The Doughnut Project used sweet cream cheese glaze rather than a savory cream cheese for the white part of the "look."

I usually gravitate to the Everything Bagel option because it seems like it would be savory, so I was definitely surprised by the sweet flavor.

Also, unfortunately, this was a little dry. Only this doughnut, the others were not dry! We were there at about 4PM, so maybe these weren't the freshest, so I may need to do another revisit to see what the texture is like at the beginning of the day.

This is the Espresso Milk Chocolate Doughnut. It is also a yeast doughnut. It was nice and fluffy. Unlike the Everything Bagel, it was not dry.

This one had a nice balance of espresso flavor and milk chocolate. However, it was slightly on the sweeter side (probably thanks to the milk chocolate). The espresso crumbles were an odd, but nice, touch.

This is the Chandonut. It is made with Chandon Rose and is topped with dried rose petals. I don't know if it's captured in these photographs, but the glaze also has a bit of a shimmery effect, too.

It's definitely aimed at the Instagram and young, millennial crowd.

The flavor was actually pretty nice on this one. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but you could taste the sweet fruity, yet somewhat dry flavor of the Chandon Rose. The glaze was sweet and balanced the flavor of the rose well.

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