[NYC - FiDi] Temple Court by Tom Colicchio (Top Chef) - Restaurant Week 2019

I have been eyeing dinner at Tom Colicchio's (of Top Chef) Temple Court for a long while, so I jumped at the chance at eating here for Restaurant Week, especially after having such a great experience at Gramercy Tavern.

This was my last Restaurant Week dinner of 2019.

This year, dinners are $42 and lunches are $26.
Winter Restaurant Week 2019 runs from January 21, 2019 - February 8, 2019.

Make your reservations here:
Opentable - Temple Court by Tom Colicchio

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This is the dinner menu for Restaurant Week 2019. Dinner is a 3-course meal and you choose one appetizer, one main, and one dessert.

Temple Court is another restaurant for Restaurant Week that offers basically the same menu as it does any other day, which is always much appreciated.

I decided to order a Passion Sour as a treat, which was a great choice, in my opinion.
This is a quick shot of the drink, amuse bouche, and the dinner roll. The amuse bouche was a really nice, flaky and light. The bread roll was fresh and had a nice, flaky crust with a nice crunch.

This is the Sweet Potato Agnolotti. This was delicious. The pasta was nice and fluffy and stuffed with a very deliciously soft sweet potato filling. Everything tied together so well.

This was a pretty hearty portion for Restaurant Week, which was unexpected but a nice surprise.
My boyfriend couldn't choose between the Cavatelli or the Foie Torchon. Our waiter graciously offered that we could have both, but the Cavatelli would be "on the house." Which brings me to another point, the service was so good! Even thought it was restaurant week and it would be understandable if the service was a little rushed or slow, but this was NOT the case.

The pasta was so fresh and everything was so flavorful. This was also a pretty hefty portion. The sauce is pretty light, but, even still, quite flavorful. The ricotta added a nice salty flavor and creamy texture to the dish.

This is the Foie Torchon. I, personally, am not a fan of foie gras in terms of flavor, texture, and also because of the questionable ethics.

Anyway, so I wasn't hugely excited that he wanted this appetizer, so I was even more appreciative of our waiter for offering the Cavatelli to us.

So, the Foie Torchon is a pate made from foie gras (I'm also not a huge pate fan since childhood). I did try some of the pate and I could tell that the ingredients were of high quality. I preferred the texture of this dish to the pate I had as a child, so, if only I would have had this as a child and I would not have been scarred.

The brioche was perfect and worked to balance out the saltiness of the spread. I also appreciated the light and acidic fruits that accompanied the dish.

If you are a fan of foie gras and also enjoy pate, I would say this is definitely worth paying for the supplement.


I decided to go for the Salmon after considering the Hangar Steak strongly. The salmon skin was wonderfully crispy.

Unfortunately, one of the citrus pieces on top was not good, but the others were perfect and made up for that one bad slice. The texture was perfect. I wish, however, that there was a little more flavor in the hollandaise.
We also chose to get Braised Lamb Shoulder. The meat was so tender, maybe even the MOST tender lamb I've ever eaten. All of the components melded together really well except, for us, our particular dish was so salty that we had to kind of eat just the middle pieces of the meat to not be overwhelmed by the saltiness.
The tables around us didn't appear to have that issue, so I'm sure it was just a slight oversight in the kitchen for our particular dish since everything worked so well together (minus the salt) and the rest of our dishes had been good.


We chose the Millefeuille and the Baked Alaska. From what I can tell, the Baked Alaska is something of a signature dessert for Temple Court.

So, as you know, I photograph exactly what I get. I don't try to "fix" anything to make it look more photogenic, nor do I do special lighting or anything like that.

So, as you can see, sadly, our Millefeuille did not quite make it to our table standing up in one piece.

Flavorwise, though, this was SO GOOD. I liked that all the components were not very sweet. I also liked the texture of the pastry wafer as it was kind of touching the banana ice cream.

This was my boyfriend's favorite dessert. The Baked Alaska is definitely a sight to be seen. It is quite beautiful and is worth ordering for the picture alone, but, luckily, the flavor was also on point!

The chocolate was a decadent dark chocolate, not sugary at all. The meringue was also perfectly light and airy with a beautiful browned exterior on the peaks.

The interior is filled with an ooey gooey dark chocolate cake, banana ice cream, and pecans.

Definitely recommend ordering it for a chocolate lover in your life.

After your meal, or before, make sure you check out the bar area and marvel at the architectural design of the building. It's not to be missed.

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