[Explore London] Christian Dior: Designer of Dream Exhibition at Victoria & Albert Museum (V&A)

Christian Dior at the V&A is definitely worth a visit (if you can get tickets)! The exhibition runs from now until July 14, 2019.

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While in London last week, I was lucky enough to get us tickets to the brand new Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams exhibition at the V&A (Victoria & Albert Museum).

These tickets sold out incredibly fast, so make sure you check here right when the tickets go live to get your tickets: https://www.vam.ac.uk/exhibitions/dior-designer-of-dreams. As in, I saw them go live and then waited an hour and then only about 2 time slots were available for one day of our visit - the other days were all completely sold out.

Additional time slots are released on the 15th for the upcoming month. If you want to go in person, note that there are limited day of tickets available first-come, first-served from 10AM and are only avaialble for various times through out that date of purchase.

The tickets are timed entry. Since we were there for the opening week, the tickets were 20GBP (+4GBP VAT) per person, but I think I recall that the prices do fall later on in the exhibition.

I ended up getting tickets for the 7:45PM entry time, which is after the museum closes to the public. This ended up being pretty lucky since most things close early in London, so it gave us something to do in the evening of our trip since we're not really into drinking or clubbing.

The entry was quite slick, actually. We arrived at around 7:30, but they let us in right away. There was oddly not much security for the show. I was a little worried because we had done some souvenir/snack shopping right before going and we were worried they wouldn't let us in the exhibition with our purchases.

So, I took a lot of photographs of what you can expect and also to show you the sheer amount of items the exhibition holds, especially if you're not lucky enough to be in London when the exhibition is running.

This is the largest exhibition of house of Dior pieces ever in the UK and there are 500+ pieces on display. You can see items from the beginnings in 1947 through today. There are 11 themed rooms (I captured only a few since many are easy to find on Instagram).

You can learn a lot about Christian Dior, his illustrious, albeit short, career, and learn a lot about different textile techniques, which I was surprised by.

Here are the photos. Please feel free to click to enlarge, but please do not use these photos without my permission.

You start off learning about the very early years. You can see some of the original sketches. Then, you progress through his career, including some more period-style pieces, pieces inspired by international/global travel, the "flower garden" (my personal fav), work done with YSL, and then also the "Constellation" room at the end. The Constellation room is worth sitting in and watching the colors change and how the different colored lights affect the color and designs of the pieces, accenting different elements, etc.

This was the most interesting technique for me. It's called velours au sabre - cutting the threads in the top part of the fabric, giving certain areas a textured, velvet-like appearance. 

Which was your favorite piece? Comment below!
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