[DMV - Frederick, MD] McClintock Distilling Company - Tasting Review (White Whiskey, Epiphany Organic Vodka, Forager Gin, Spiced Pear Cordial)

On a third stop on our tour of Frederick's wonderful wineries, breweries, distilleries, cideries, etc. we stopped off at McClintock Distilling Company after lunch at Hooch and Banter (click here).

We didn't make it to the warehouse in time for the tour. So, we decided to try a tasting here after a wonderful experience at Greenhook Gin in the past (I am working on getting a post created for that visit, but I need to find the files after reformatting my hard drive). Honestly, the tours are usually about the same at most distilleries/breweries/all-the-alcohol-ies.

One thing I really liked about Frederick is that it seemed like all of the local businesses were "friends" and supported each other. So, you'll often see collaborations between McClintock and some of the other businesses I featured in my Frederick posts.

You can book your tour on their website and there are usually Groupon (click here to see if the deal is active)deals, too.

It was a tasting of four different liquors - whiskey, vodka, gin, and a cordial.

This is the White Whiskey. The whiskey is clear and is distilled in an oak barrel. This whiskey had a good balance of corn and rye flavors (its 75% rye and 25% corn and wheat). Although slightly spicy (?), it was pretty smooth and I think it would probably be great in a whiskey-based cocktail.
Let me start this by saying, I'm not a huge fan of vodka, so going into this sample of the Epiphany I was a little less than enthused.

That being said, this vodka was pretty darn smooth. Maybe it's the quality of the ingredients, maybe it's the triple filtration process? I don't know. But, it was an enjoyable experience.
This is the Forager Gin. I think it may be the signature item of McClintock.

This gin smelled fantastic! I just really love the juniper scent and Forager Gin definitely had that scent.

The flavor was incredibly complex. I definitely got the juniper flavors, but I also tasted some citrus flavors, which melded with the juniper so well.

One other note, I like gin and I like whiskey...IN COCKTAILS. I still am amazed people drink these like shots. So, I am definitely no expert in anything, but definitely not in tasting liquor.

To finish out the tasting we finished out with the Spiced Pear Cordial. This is, I believe, a seasonal cordial offering.

It was definitely nice to end with this. It was quite festive and was a favorite in our family.

It was really like drinking a mulled pear cider.

This is the atmosphere. It's probably great for a party and they do rentals.

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