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[DC - Georgetown] Clyde's of Georgetown - Reuben, French Dip, Burgers HUGE PORTIONS

Clyde's of Georgetown is a mainstay of Washington, DC. My dad even ate here in the '80s and it's about the same even now in 2018/2019.

There are 8 Clyde's scattered throughout the Washington metro area. You can make reservations via OpenTable.

It's definitely American comfort food and served in huge portions. It's also a kid-friendly restaurant, so if you're visiting DC with kids, make sure you put Clyde's on your list.

Clyde's was bustling. There were tons of people in every room of the restaurant, but we were still able to get in without a wait. There was, however, a wait when we left.

You start every meal with some coffee bread. It was somewhat dense, but yet nice and moist. The top was cinnamony and flaky.

Also, that Filtered Water pitcher is SUPER heavy, so I'm sure the waitstaff need to do some bicep curls to be able to lift them.
This is the cheeseburger with Swiss. Overall, this was a good bacon cheeseburger. The cheese was nicely melted so it blended flavors well and stuck all the other elements together. The bun was toasted, which can either work really well or be a disaster. In this case, it worked. The accompanying fries were good. If you are a burger person, I would recommend it.
Clyde's is another stop on the Reuben sandwich tour of DC.

The reuben was stuffed to the brim with super juicy and tender corned beef. It kind of melted in my mouth. It was interesting that each of the reuben sandwiches (Clyde's, Hooch & Banter, and Farmers & Distillers) had a different texture.

The sauerkraut wasn't overly wet and wasn't overly sour. It tasted relatively freshly pickled, if that makes sense.

These fries were not my (Meredith's) style. They were thicker handcut fries than I would like since I prefer shoestring fries because they tend to get crispier.

The bread wasn't bad, but this was honestly a mountain of meat, so the bread was just an accessory at that point.

This is the French Dip Sandwich. It was a hearty sandwich. The meat was tender and flavorful. I liked that it is topped with Swiss cheese because I love a cheesy French dip sandwich.

I was extremely thankful to our great server. When I asked for them to hold the horseradish mayonnaise, she offered for them to substitute it with herb aioli, which she graciously put on the side for me.

Overall, none of us had strong opinions about the fries either positive or negative.

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