[NYC - Midtown] Larb Ubol Review - Authentic Thai Cuisine

Larb Ubol features Northeastern Thai food and has been included in the Michelin Guide's Bib Gourmand list for years.

As I was preparing this post, I guess Larb Ubol closed a week after I visited, but I wanted to write the post anyway in case it opens a new location somewhere else.

The prices are fair and the flavors are amazing.

This is the Papaya Salad (Som Tum Muar Zuar). This papaya salad was so nice! I would say, I prefer Uncle Boons Sister's papaya salad more, but if you're in Midtown, this is definitely the best papaya salad I have had.

All the ingredients are super fresh. So, everything is nice and crisp and crunchy. I am also not the hugest fan of tomatoes, but the ones in Larb Ubol's papaya salad are fresh and NOT mushy.

This is the Larb Kai. The ground chicken was so flavorful and moist. I also try to get this at restaurants when I see it on the menu.

This was actually a great flavor combination - just the right combination of spicy, acidic lime, savory and mellow shallot, and cool mint.
This is the Thai sausage (Sai Krog Esan). This was a good flavor combination of sweet and subtle sour. It was also nice and juicy still and not too greasy, which was also nice.

This is a good choice to add on to your order if you are a little worried about how spicy the rest of your order is.
This is the Pad Ped with Crispy Pork.

Even though the menu says this has a "spicy curry paste", it's not spicy. It's a subtle spice and has a really nice flavor. The bell peppers and eggplant were quite fresh and still somewhat crunchy.

This was a cute touch. It's a Diet Coke, but they made a cute flower using the straw wrapper. 😄

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