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[NYC - Ktown] Keki Modern Cakes Review - Original Bouncy Japanese Cheesecake in NYC

Keki Modern Cakes in Ktown serves up jiggly Japanese cheesecakes and soft serve.

These light, fluffy cheesecakes are smooth eating. Be careful. You may find yourself eating a whole cake in one sitting. This Japanese version of cheesecake is nothing like the New York Cheesecake of national film and television fame. Keki's cheesecake is so much lighter that you are not sure you are eating anything until your taste buds say "Oh, yeah, this is good. This is heaven." You will have to stop yourself to make sure you have some left for the friends and family for whom you bought the cheesecake in the first place.
The filled ones add a tangy surprise with each bit. I (Mike) enjoyed mine with a side of soft-serve ice cream. You know the cakes are fresh because you can watch them being baked.

It's so FLUFFY! Even leftover, it was fluffy and moist.

Keki Modern Cakes is located in a small store front you might miss if you only go by the address. (Google Maps shows it at 315 Fifth Avenue but the front door is actually on East 32nd Street.) What a wonderful treat once you enter the door.

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