[NYC - Flatiron] The Breslin Bar - Brunch with the Lamb Burger

The Breslin Bar and Dining Room has been on my list for a long while (even more so since The Spotted Pig scandal of last year). So, we decided to stop by for brunch.

Brunch Cocktails:

These are the brunch Bloody Mary and East India Mule.

The East India Mule was nice and light. It was a very refreshing cocktail. I liked that the ginger flavor really stood out because I love ginger flavors.

There's nothing quite like a Bloody Mary for Sunday brunch. The Breslin's hit the spot, but, to be honest, needed a little more salt, preferably celery salt, but the vodka and tomato juice mixed well, and held up nicely to the melting ice.
The caesar salad featured anchovies and crunchy croutons. The anchovy flavor added a zing to the mix and paired great with the light sprinkling of cheese. The salad was a light, yet satisfying start to the day.

The croutons were made freshly in house, which is always appreciated. They were crunchy, but not too much so and there was a nice buttery flavor and texture. The cheese was sprinkled right on top and there wasn't too much dressing. The lettuce pieces were torn coarsely in large pieces.

Marian here! I am not sure why I like to try grilled cheese sandwiches, since I never make them for myself, but, for whatever reason, at the Breslin, when we went for their Sunday brunch, it was the "Ovenroasted 3 Cheese Sandwich" that tempted my taste buds. [This sandwich is only available at brunch and lunch.]

It was delicious. The cheese was rich and a mix of four cheeses (raclette [cow], idiazabal [sheep] and montrachet [goat] inside, and parmigiano on the outside of the bread to add the nice crunchy crust)  -- and not too gooey, just gooey enough.

The crunch of the bread, which was probably buttered, complemented the cheese nicely. I didn't add anything to it (you can add ham or egg to the sandwich) this time, but if I go back, I might add the ham and the egg.

I can't tell you about the mustard because I rarely eat it -- sorry! And pickles are just pickles to me.

I (Meredith) decided to go for the signature Lamb Burger since it has been on my eat list for a VERY LONG TIME.

I was not disappointed. In the past, I have been slightly disappointed by other lamb burgers because the meat is sometimes dry or crumbly. That was definitely not the case at The Breslin. It was flavorful, but not too gamy tasting. I could tell that it was lamb, but it didn't seem tough and kind of melted in my mouth.

I really enjoyed the cumin mayo, which is super weird for me because I am not a fan of mayonnaise. Maybe I just haven't had flavorful mayonnaise before. It added a nice smokiness and extra flavor to the lamb burger. The bun was somewhat fluffy, which was nice too. I will admit though, I did only eat half of the bun, but that's because I wanted to enjoy the flavorful food without the bun in the way.

Honestly, I would come in for JUST the Thrice-Cooked Fries. I am guessing these are not super great for you, but they are so worth it! Even though they're thick cut fries (not my favorite), since they are cooked three times, they got perfectly crispy, so there was a wonderful crunch to each bite. The inside was still nice fluffy and airy.

It's served with a side of the cumin mayo (see above). I did try dipping my fries in the mayo, but I, personally, don't see the point of dipping fries in mayonnaise when they're this good.

If you are a fan of mayonnaise, though, definitely get either a side order of the fries and mayo or else make sure you (or a generous someone in your party) orders something with fries!
The Pastries:

A big hearty muffin with a very berry raspberry cheesecake filling. Even though it was hearty, it was pretty fluffy and light (in flavor).

It was semi-sweet, but that was balanced nicely with the raspberry and the soft flavor of the cheesecake.

The muffin itself was nice and moist inside, not too crumbly, which was nice.

I love scones and this blackberry and peach scone met my high expectations ... light, warm, with both the blackberry and peach flavors shining through.

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