[DC - Frederick, MD] Hooch and Banter Review - Modern American Gastropub

On our recent trip to Frederick, Maryland we decided to stop by Hooch and Banter for lunch. We are so glad we did!

Frederick is a charming city, filled with small businesses. All the business owners seem to know each other, which is something I appreciate a lot!

In fact, we had planned all along to visit Hooch & Banter, but workers at each of the places we stopped at actually recommended it to us. We knew we made a great choice.

The menu is pretty diverse, so check out what we got and what else we had to choose from (menu posted below).

The Pork Belly Bahn Mi was really good, not too spicy but with an occasional extra tang from the yellow sriracha aioli.

I could tell that the baguette was baked fresh. It was perfectly crusty on the outside and nice and fluffy soft on the inside. The bread was crusty enough to hold everything together but didn't hurt the inside of my mouth.

The blend of all of the flavors made me want to try more Bahn Mi.

"The Banter," which is the namesake lunch sandwich at "Hooch and Banter" is a delicious, and very meaty, take on the classic Reuben sandwich. 
All of that meat in the Russian Bread was very flavorful and tender. I ate slowly. The Gruyere was a rich Swiss. I'm not a mustard fan, but I liked little tastes of the whiskey mustard. You won't miss the sauerkraut you would find on a Reuben; you will be enjoying the meat too much.

A generous amount of very juicy turkey. All the ingredients were very high quality. Too often Turkey Club sandwiches are served with a slice of American cheese. Here at Hooch and Banter, it is a slice of wonderful cheddar cheese. The bacon was nice and crisp and flavorful.

The house-baked French baguette had a very nice texture and gave the Turkey Club a nice structure to stand on.
This is The Kidd Prime Burger. The beef was super juicy and seemed fresh. I don't typically eat my whole bun (usually eat MAYBE half), but the bun here was nice and fresh, so it was close. The applewood smoked bacon wasn't too salty, so it just added to the experience and was complemented by the aged cheddar.

All of the sandwiches/burger we had were served with the signature hand cut fries. We could tell that the fries were all made in house from fresh ingredients. They weren't overly seasoned, so that was great.

The service at Hooch and Banter was fast and efficient, especially for a very busy Saturday.

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