[DC - Convention Center] Farmers & Distillers Review

On a recent trip to DC, we checked out Farmers and Distillers. This review features: pastas, a reuben (welcome to the reuben tour) and tiki drinks.

The Reuben Melt featured corned beef topped with gruy√®re and coleslaw on rye bread. 

The corned beef was tasty with crispy edges instead of the softer slices found on many sandwiches. It seemed more like pulled pork texture. Generous portion side and the slaw added a bright flavor. 

Marian, here. So you know how you just have to try something new when you visit a restaurant for the first time? There was way too much great sounding food on Farmers & Distiller's menu for me not to have something new. I love raisins and we've been experimenting with cauliflower at home so I chose the Cauliflower Raisin Pasta. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I was surprised that the raisins were the puree and the cauliflower the sauce. I enjoyed the dish to the last piece of rigatoni though it was heavier than I expected. The raisin puree brought just the right surprise to each bite.

This is the Sweet Potato Stuffed Pasta, which was excellent. The pasta itself was crispy and well-filled.

The sauce complemented the pasta well and didn't overwhelm the dish.

I (Marissa) really liked the combination of sweet potato, burned caramel, and lemon butter. The roasted heirloom carrots that accompanied the pasta were also good. I didn't try eating the carrots with the pasta, but rather ate them separately.

This drink is called "Suffering Candidate" and is served in a tiki glass. I really liked the drink.

It has FF Rye Whisky and Gin, both of which are locally distilled, lemon, ginger, and cane syrup. There was a nice balance between the whisky and gin.

I couldn't quite figure out why it was served in the tiki glass, but didn't really mind.

Based on this drink, I would definitely try more of the cocktails made with the gin, pisco, and rye whisky from the Founding Farmers Spirit Project.

The other drinks on the menu are made with "Founding Spirits"--vodka, American whiskey, and "Arroyo's 'Never Bitter' Amaro"--which are distilled inside Farmers & Distillers.

The Cucumber Delight was very refreshing, but, for my taste (Marian) it could have had a lot more cucumber in it.  Made with FS vodka (distilled on the premises), ginger liqueur, cucumber, cantaloupe, lemon, I was hoping for more of the green stuff and less melon flavor. The ginger gave it a nice bite that compensated for a little too much melon flavor.

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