[DC - Chinatown] Matchbox Pizza Review - Pepperoni Pizza and Seared Tuna Salad

Matchbox Pizza in Chinatown is kind of a DC institution, but I've never visited until rather recently.

Although Matchbox is a small chain (11 locations in the DMV area), the original location is in Chinatown.

If you see the signature torches out front, you know you're in the right place.

The pizza is fired in brick ovens and comes out bubbling hot. I was kind of surprised by how quickly it arrived at our table, but it was definitely made to order and was JUST pulled out of the oven.

The pizza was really good. It had a lot of pepperoni, which was spicy, to balance out the cheese. The crust was thin and held-up well. I would definitely go back and try some of their specialty pizzas.

We also decided to go for the Seared Tuna + Greens Salad. The tuna wasn't bad and the greens were fresh both in condition and flavor. I really enjoyed the ginger-citrus vinaigrette. Sometimes I get worried when I don't ask for places to serve the dressing on the side, but I had nothing to fear here. The dressing was nice and light and fresh. It wasn't overdressed at all. I also liked the orange slices. I would definitely recommend trying this salad. It would balance out a heavy pizza well. It also makes a great entree choice if pizza is not your thing.

Unlike at some other restaurants, Matchbox made no qualms about splitting the salad on two plates. In fact, our server even offered to have the kitchen do it for us, which we definitely appreciated.

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