[DC - Chinatown] Circa Review - Pizza, Mac and Cheese, Dessert

Circa Bistros are a group of restaurants in the DC metro area. The Chinatown location is very conveniently located - right outside the metro station.

On a Sunday evening, before taking in a play at the the Shakespeare Theatre Company in Washington, D.C., we stopped in for dinner at Circa in Chinatown.

We wanted something light before the play and Circa filled the bill while entertaining our taste buds. The first challenge, though, was choosing, so two of use shared, just to get the chance to try more dishes.

The Crushed Tomato Margherita Flatbread pizza had a sweet fluffy crust with a rich, but not acidic, tomato sauce. The basil held its own nutty flavor on the islands of fresh mozzarella cheese.

The Four Cheese Macaroni was wonderful, not too much cheese but very flavorful cheese. The prosciutto had a light ham taste without the saltiness this meat often has. I would have them hold the bread crumbs, though, since they didn't add flavor, only texture.
Marissa here, editor's note--I would hold the prosciutto rather than the breadcrumbs; the bread crumbs add texture, but the prosciutto distracts from the cheese.

When it came to sharing the Brioche Bread Pudding was excellent. It was the best dessert of the weekend. The pudding itself wasn't dry, which is sometimes a problem with bread puddings.

The ice cream and sauce were very flavorful and added to the overall experience.

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