[DC - Penn Quarter] Bakers & Baristas

Stumbled upon Bakers & Baristas in Penn Quarter before visiting the National Museum of African American History and Culture.

We each got something different, which actually kind of matched our personalities - Cold Brew, Iced Tea, and a Flat White.

They actually messed up the order we wanted a large iced tea and a small cold brew, but they gave us the opposite. They ended up throwing away the large cold brew and the small iced tea and then correcting our order. We never even left the counter, so I think they could have technically just poured the cold brew into a small cup and discarded the remaining amount (if discarding is their SOP) and then just poured the iced tea into the large cup and the filled it, but I don't know their procedures.

Anyway, the cold brew was good. I've found that sometimes going to independent coffee shops and getting cold brew is a little hit and miss, but this was a hit. It got me properly caffeinated and wasn't too acidic.

The flat white was a hit. I didn't try any because...milk. It was reported that it was flavorful and wasn't too milky, just the perfect amount of espresso.

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